It’s Your Fault – Forward

It’s Your Fault

(Online Book Project)
Over the next few weeks I am going to write a book and post it here online as I go.

I have a GPS in my car. As I drive down the road it tells me “move into the left Lane your next turn its in three hundred feet”. Then it will say “turn left”. If I see a taco bell and jump off the road the GPS will say “recalculating directions” and then it will give me new directions.

In my life I want the bible to be my directions. When I get off of the path I go back to my directions so I can recalculate and get back on the right path.

However as a group the Christian world is full of people that find themselves in messed up situations that could have been avoided if they were in the word like they should be.

In the next few chapters we are going to explore where we have left the path and how to find what the word says about how we should go about finding or way back to the path.

Chapter 1