The Lifestyle of Debt

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The Lifestyle of Debt

Paul said to owe no man anything but our love.

Many Christian succumb to the lifestyle lure of the world. easy credit and living beyond what we can really afford, Flat screens, new cars, rental furniture, these kind of expenditures can ruin their finances. It is the number one reason that young families can’t afford to buy a house. This can also stop them from being able to support their duties to their church.

We realize that we are always in debt at some level (mortgages, car payments) but we can’t let ourselves go to far. Easy credit is the fastest trap you can fall into. We have been trained to go for easy credit. If you have credit cards pay them off as fast as you can. Skip a vacation, don’t go out for a while, stay with the old car for an extra year do whatever you have to do to pay them off.

It is critical to your future to be out of all card debt. I have heard some say “I only keep one for emergency’s. That is not the right path. If you have paid off the cards you can take a small pieces of cash you would have made a card payment with, and put it away every month and you have cash when you have an emergency.

You will find a peace in not having card debt and you will defiantly have a better financial future

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