Nathan Gaub has been in ministry for most of his life. Growing up in the 50s and 60s he sang and played in a family gospel music group that played all over the world.

Working with his father Evangelist Ken Gaub he saw the need to reach his generation. As a teenager he started one of the early Christian rock group, They took a message of hope to thousands of young people all over the world for nearly twenty years. Nathan then spent some time in the business world and after fifteen years has been drawn back into ministry.

Now along with being a partner in an investment mentoring organization,  he is teaching “The Lifestyle of Giving” How as a Christian we can learn to make giving not just an event but something that becomes part of every day so that we can impact the world with the message of Jesus.

This is not another prosperity doctrine, but a message of living a life of obedience to Gods word. Following God’s plan is only way to know his real prosperity.

With a unique style that is somewhere between a comedian and a teacher, this message will change your life.